Wednesday, June 29, 2011

समन्वय समितीची स्थापना...Co-ordination Committee…Will it work?

Recently Local Police station in Khopoli – Maharashtra had organized a meeting of Doctors and Reporters along with respected class of society to discuss the issues of physical assault on Doctors and Reporters.( April 2011)
After healthy discussion…Chief Guest DYSP madam addressed the present peoples and promised to form two different Co-ordination Committees for Doctors and Reporters very soon.
The social activity done by local police is appreciable…As such type of activity will defiantly aware the people regarding…‘Vigilance of Doctors’.
‘Police authority is alert’…This message will be passed to all peoples in society.
Our sincere Thanks to all staff of News paper Ramprahar from Panvel…For publishing this news in details.

Negligent Doctors

Many often relatives of patient think that there was negligence in treatment on behalf of Doctor or by nursing staff…and unsatisfied crowd then makes disorder.
Inability to provide urgent blood some times adds oil in fire.
With out accepting the facts and limitations of medical profession Doctors are beaten.
Doctors are supposed to bear all this thing…There is no way out.
Doctors should aim to improve in all aspects.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do Not humiliate Poor and common people...

Some of the Government health care centers are not 100% functional and efficient.

Primary Health Centers are poorly functioning…Always with short of medicines…and short of efficient staff.

Some of the Rural Hospitals are on paper only…Many are having no efficient and adequate staff.

There are no mortuary facilities for postmortem at many small town places…like Khopoli in Raigad district in Maharashtra…These things frustrates the people in general.

In majority of Government Hospital…the Trend is to shift or refer patient to private setup…This is very inhuman for poor and tribal patients.

These and more like situations are the conditions are adding fuel to conspiracy against doctors

Poor who can afford are unnecessarily & compulsorily has to go to private doctors. Unknowingly his mind gets upset on the system of health care taker. This like slow poisoning on them which may give birth to a person having his mind setup changed to look towards medical profession. He only starts criticizing medical Professional.

The percentage of persons criticizing medical profession is increasing.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Protest by Doctors…Doctors came on road

After physical assault of a particular Doctor…local Doctors does protest by arranging long march on road…It is the only effective way after which Doctors gets relaxed for at least short time.
Nobody has found any definitive action plan against such assault…and nobody has worked on action plan to be carried out after the assault.
In short what Doctors should do before and after…Nobody knows…only way is to react unplanned…उस्फुर्त...
Need is to arrange well organized program for prevention of assault on Doctor…

Cruel & Inhumane Doctors...

Why Doctors are targeted?
It is not like only Doctors are targeted…only Doctors are attacked by social culprit…As demoralizing all sectors of society, medical profession is also not excluded.
People do make provision for small family functions or ceremonies…but they never make provision for medical expenses…they are never mentally prepared for medical expenses…and when suddenly they face such situation…they gets frustrated.
This is the fact that…Many people afford the medical expenses…but not willing to pay to Doctors…
And this mind set acts against the Doctors…हे तर लुटतात...ये तो लुट लेते हैं...

Doctors charging more & more money…rather now days…they are money minded.
The demands from patients towards Doctors have increased due to health awareness.
The deadly competition over all & improved living standard of majority of people in India is adding stress on in general persons, & and the steam of the target may be on Doctors some times.

The unnoticed fact is that…Income of Doctor…many times gets flashed…compare to other professional or business man’s income…This is the main concern in big village or town. In short word…people are jealous of property owned by new Doctor.
Doctors are expected to give…24 hours non emergency service…

Political leaders all ways find the way to dominate Doctor…so as to prove themselves…and to interfere in Doctor and patient’s issue…is the easy way for the.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Doctors got protection by Law…but not by Relatives of Patient.

Just few days back…the new law came with…
Provision of punishment…fine and imprisonment…
to a person or persons attacking a Doctor.
And this is recent news…
Relatives of patient after sad demise of patient…
became rowdy and they physically assaulted a Doctor.
Physically assault is the word to be used…
But the fact may be they must have literally bitten the Doctor or Doctors…as I am aware of the incidence taken place in Raigad District last year.
Doctors reacts on such issues…One day strike…Protest…meetings…discussion for few days…and silence.
My appeal to all concerned social associations including medical associations…think seriously on issue…and its various aspects…like public awareness…and implementation of Law.
If society accepts the accident of any type…as an unavoidable event…and starts treating the issue of attack on Doctors like an accident…then there is no further discussion on issue.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doctors got protection?

Doctors got protection?

New Law – mentioning details regarding
a Law of...
‘Imprisonment and recovery of damages from the persons making attack on doctor’s property’.

Doctors may be now little bit relaxed by knowing that new law which is made …has been announced by government…and it can be effective solution against the attack on doctor or / and his property…

So am I suppose to change the title of my ‘Doctors are protected in India’ instead of ‘Doctors are at Risk in India’?...

The answer to this question is no…as this is the only Law made…and there are many several laws against various criminal offences…but the crime does exist…

So there is no change…but Doctors are at Risk…is the same situation…

No doubt the public awareness regarding new law will act as one of the strong steps towards the one of the ways of prevention or at least  to minimize the Attacks on Doctors in India

News related to Doctors in India

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doctor is no more God…

As stated by Great Philosopher Swami Vivekanand –

“Doctors are also a part of society, they are human beings like all others. They use their best of knowledge for the wellbeing of patients But since medical science is upgrading science ( as no science is perfect) and irrespective of his best efforts Doctors can fail to diagnose or to treat certain medical critical cases. So Do not treat doctor as culprit as he is also not God.”

              Doctors tries his level best bur irrespective of this sometimes Doctors can commit mistakes. But for that consumer court, legal authorities are there to look into matter.

To attack doctors or his hospital is not the legal / moral way to react in any sense.
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Attack on Doctors…No More A Breaking News …

Attack on Doctors…No More A Breaking News
It is no More Breaking News.

For media people physical assault on doctors is no more breaking news.

Is Media can take major contributory role to save our society?

Answer is strongly yes.

Media people should rethink on such sensitive issues. I sometimes feels that, the news is working as tonic to frustrated class of society to over react on such issue. News getting in to their subconscious mind may work like booster dose on conscious mind.

It is like these people are learning free classes on rivalry against medical profession and eager to join the companion against doctors.

Attack on Doctors is No Social Issue…

Why this not becoming a part of social issue? Why not?
Question here is

Why people are not reacting ?

Are they are nor aware of  people taking advantages are criminal & psychological disturbed persons , harmful to all.

I am just thinking why this issues of Physical assault on doctors are not getting converted into socially emotional issues?

Why any person are not reacting in any proper way?

For what people are waiting for?

Do they want to wait the news of death of a doctor in mob attack after the death or after any medical complication or anaphylactic death?

Do the society want to wait till doctors will be loosing their best mental ability to treat the patient?

Attack in Doctors…My Aim is…

Aims of this Topic:
Psychology of patient’s relatives is now topic to review by various Association of Psychologist in India. These are the right persons to study it & so as to come to certain conclusion with solution.

Incidences of physically & mentally harassment of medical profession is to be considered  as serious issue by various Human Right commissions or related NGOs.

It’s now time to think on this issue by various experts in the subject of Sociologist as these kind of activities are going to be make very adverse effect on doctor-patient relationship & indirectly on health care of society.

It’s aims to motivate various social organizations to take this issue on their agenda so as to protest such violence by regular awareness cum brainwashing activities by various capable people.

This article also aims to pressurize various medical professional associations to discuss this issue in each every meeting irrespective of type of meeting or type of subject.

To involve police authority in this matter on constant, effective & regular basis with the help of medical local association will be long term beneficial way to at least minimize the intensity & frequency of attacks on doctors.

To study the positive & negative impacts of involving political parties in such issue of demoralization of medical professionals by mob leaded or influenced by some of the political party.

To study long term benefits or ill effects of doctor’s active involvement in various political parties so called by gorgeous doctors cell.

Arrest the Doctor…

Arrest the Doctor…
Why Police do Not Arrest the Doctors?
This is the Question asked by angry relatives & mob.
Police Suggests to get protection doctor is kept in Police station not in custody immediately…
According to law Doctors can not be arrested immediately as he has not made any mishap intententianally…
So To surrender may be the one way to protect you. By this Mob may get cooled.

Doctors are Soft Target…

Are doctors are soft targets?
Answer is No & Answer is Yes.

Answer is No

Rather doctors targeted by unsatisfied irritated emotionally upset crowd still in a soft way. They are just now talking the language like beating/killing doctors. Their attack on doctors is emotional. It is not planned or cold blooded. This is the early sign to identify disaster likely to come in the near future which will affect all the healthcare system of our society.

Answer is Yes.

People know doctor is a part of noble medical profession. His behavior is remarkable.

He never use abuse language. He is cool guy & afraid of violence.

He can not counter attack you in any way.

So he is the soft target.

Healthy but Harsh & Rough People…

What are the causes of increasing harshness / roughness on doctors by patients relatives or of persons with aggressive over reactive personalities.?
As demoralizing all sectors of society, medical profession is also not excluded.
Likely reasons – a) Are doctors charging more & more money?
                       b) Are demands from patients are increasing?
                            c) Are competition & improved living standard are adding stress on in general persons, & and the steam of the target is doctors.

View on Government Health Centers…

Do Not humiliate Poor & common people..
Are government health care centers are 100% functional.
Are they up to mark & able to fulfill patient’s basic requirements?
Answer to all concerned question is unfortunately NO..
1.     Primary Health Centers are  – poorly functioning. Always with short of medicines , short of efficient staff.
2.     Rural  Hospital  – on paper only , No efficient , inadequate staff
3.     No mortuary facilities for postmortem at many small town places like khopoli
4.     Munciple hospital – trend to shift or refer patient to private setup
These and more like situations are the conditions like adding fuel to conspiracy against medical profession.
Poor who can afford are unnecessarily & compulsorily has to go to private doctors. Unknowingly his mind gets upset on the system of healthcare taker. This like slow poisoning on them which may give birth to a person having his mind setup changed to look towards medical profession. He only starts criticizing medical practioners.
And day by day the percentage of persons criticizing medical profession are going to increase.

Doctors are Businessman…

Doctors are Businessman…
Has medical profession is no more service oriented? seva
Are increased consciousness of people adding to cost of medical expenses like investigations, prophylactic operations & so
As ways of getting admission to education of medical science is changing, like getting admission by huge donations & expensing large amount on fees for it, is the one way of investing money like businessman.
So these big business oriented doctors naturally starts their private practice aiming to recover their money as fast as possible with calculations of interest on it.
So they sometime may take unnecessary risks while treating patients.
For topic “Views on Medical Profession”

Appeal to All…

Getting Alert…..

Before the people move towards untoward hazardous steps against medical profession we all concerned people should start motivating towards some ideological approach to this issue,

This message to get Alert is to all the listed below:

1.Individual doctor

2.Doctors associations.

3.Heathcare organizations

4.All types of social organizations

5.All NGOs

6.Government health department

7.Ministry of health



          10 …………………..

This is the right time to react

Take responsibly & act…. This is the right time to react. (T)

It’s my appeal to all medical professional to take the responsibility of this hazardous social issue.

Kindly note that no doctor is immune….Risk is to each & everybody

If you says you are not responsible….then you need to self assessed.

Doctor should not become Panicky…

How Medical Professional should react?

Its now time to react in a constant cool manner to be beneficial for long term basis.

Care should be taken to overreact on a situation. No person ,no law, is going to get it controlled instantaneously.

So it the basic need of present medical practice to do practice with professional ethics.

No person should do malpractice & everybody should keep on eye to a doctor doing malpractice.

If he/she is doing ,”why I should interfere ?”attitude will be no longer moral.

As if any Medico Legal Case  comes , it’s our responsibility to inform police at least when we suspect some foul play; the same way as social responsibility we should try to identify quacks & socially harmful doctors. Otherwise  a day or other we will be sufferer in spite of our fault.

I can Change the World…

I can Change the World…
Can We Doctors As An Individual, Change The Society?
Answer is Yes.
If somebody is willing to involve & ready to work constantly on it.
I all the time thinks on improvisation of ourselves. Other wise be ready to pay the price.
For – Grading / Rating of doctors by self –
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Minimise the Risk

Minimise the Risk
Choose your patients
On the background of physical attack on doctor it is now mandatory to give some time to know in a little bit details regarding the social background of patient’s relatives or  accompanied person.
As we take detail history of patient, it’s now to include patient’s & relatives social history also. One should follow this norm very decently & politely and by suitable means.
Aim should be to know his social background.
Then one can grade this family in to various different grades so as to consider non medical approach to them.
For one way of ‘Grading of relatives or accompanied persons of the patient.’
Kindly login to 

Role of Medical Counsels…

What is the role of various medical counsels?
Various medical counsels present are the authority to regulate Registered Medical Doctors.

Are all type of medical professionals are willing to be regulated strictly on regular basis by some counsels?

If answer here is no…..Then also please read further.

If answer to this question is yes….then ….

The question to think on different regulations which can be put forward to various counsels to get it implemented.

1.scrutinization of all doctors so as to find out quack in the professions.

2.regularisation of various charges according to areas.

3.Inspection of facilities available on regular basis.

 for malpractice

          5.follow up of various issues.

Learn to Protect yourself…

Learn to Protect yourself…
Will this help?
Can this work –
1.     To form security force task?????
2.     To form at least self created caretaker close persons team/force.
3.     To keep security all the time.( security guard)
4.     To apply for pistol license & to have it
5.     At least keep any suitable weapon with you to defend yourself.
6.     To form run away policy – plan & action
7.     To invite politicians just before likely event

Role of Doctor’s Associations

Role of Doctor’s Associations
Can Associations of doctors can play any role?
Answer – My previous opinion was any type of association or organization have no role as the particular doctor is suppose to face the situation at his level as it his own problem. And others can only give moral support to him.
But Now my opinion is different.
Local association can play a major role if they wish it strongly.
Steps can be as follows:
1.Monthly review cum meeting with local authority.
2. Three monthly review cum meeting with DYSP
3.Yealy review cum meeting with SP
( these are things decided in the meeting of SP with RMA (Raigad district’s doctors association) on 29th Jan 2009)
          4.local doctors should periodically inform the name of over reactive &/or aggressive relatives & the name of person accompanying having criminal personality.
          5.Police are suppose to take appropriate action with out disclosing the name of doctors.( No written complaints)
          6.Target here is to prepare black list of persons who may lead or influence or actively participate in a such issues of attacking doctors physically & mentally. 
Association at district level can also play major role.
What they can do?
These are some steps they can take?
1.To form a cell (MLC cell)
( Our RMA has already it)
2.This cell should react in the similar manner as local associations but should collect the data on district level.
3.These cell is to be authorized to take necessary steps or actions by their own.
4.They should have definite action plan.
          5.They should keep follow up of cases.